A Series Of Why

Why start this blog, why start photography, why photograph couples, weddings, and families when you could specialize in just one? Yes, these are all great questions, and I will answer each of them in portions in this 4 part blog series.

First things first, why start this blog? I keep going back to this question even though the answer seems pretty obvious in some respect. Writing out my thoughts has always been a much needed escape and release for me growing up. I literally have a box full of diaries in my house that go back to when I was in elementary school. You know the kind some girls kept in the 90’s that had large KEEP OUT stickers and little locks on them, that were usually covered in your latest Disney movie characters. Those kind. Those diaries and notebooks went with me as I journeyed through puberty, late teens and early 20’s. After I was married, at 22, life got in the way and my writing diminished. Nearing 10 years later, I am feeling the need to document the new life that I am molding out with my hubby and our 2 fur-beasts.
The difference now is I am allowing others into my writing world. This goes against all aspects of being an introvert and even as I am typing this I am second guessing my decision to make this public. I agree with maya Angelou when she said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Sure, this blog may never be seen or read by anyone and that is fine, the important thing is plain and simple- it is time for my writing to commence!

Ok. With that out of the way, the second major question to answer is why start photography? Did I pick up a camera when I was 4 and never put it down again? – No. Do I come from a long line of artists whose creative genius was bound to surface within my genes eventually? – No.

I am a PEOPLE WATCHING, BACKGROUND SITTING, ALWAYS THINKING, QUIET SPEAKING, INTROVERT!! Put it together and what’ve you got? A bippoty, boppity, boo photographer who has decided to use her social awkwardness to help others who are camera shy to embrace their weirdness and express their love for all to see! Yes it is still out of my comfort zone to put my services out there for potential judgment, and to ask for a fee when the perfectionist in me is never satisfied. I am saved only by the inner high I get when I catch just the right moment. When that split second emotional connection happens and I was able to freeze it so that it can be replayed forever! Completely worth it!




My drive to capture, not just life’s milestones but also each person’s identity as it is shown in those passing moments.

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